Research at the College of Public Health

The Ohio State University is one of America’s leading public research universities. The College of Public Health’s faculty reflect that excellence in creating new knowledge which improves the livelihoods and well-being of people in Ohio and around the world. The College of Public Health’s inter-disciplinary research activities address some of the greatest challenges of our day. This important work covers a range of discovery, including:

  • Ensuring our water and air quality and safety through environmental health sciences;
  • Reducing inflammation and preventing cancer;
  • Providing the science around tobacco product uses and regulation;
  • Piecing together complex data sets to better understand the burden of disease;
  • Finding solutions to health access, disparities and rising health care costs;
  • Improving the reproductive health of women – from Ohio to Malawi.

Learn more about this exciting research throughout this site including our research focus areas and faculty research interests at the College of Public Health. If you’re a College of Public Health faculty, staff member or student and you need the support of the Office of Research for your research project, please connect with the experts here.