Graduate Student Handbook

11.3 Grading Standards in Specific Courses

In addition to the general grade average standard discussed in the preceding section, standards may be established for satisfactory progress in individual courses or sequences. At present the only such policy applies to the Public Health Biostatistics sequence PUBHBIO 6210-6211:                            

Biostatistics Sequence Grade Policy:

A grade of B- or higher is required in PUBHBIO 6210 in order to enroll in PUBHBIO 6211. Any student who does not meet this standard is expected to repeat the course in which the grade was too low. Instructors in 6211 have the option of permitting enrollment by persons who have not met this expectation, but this will be done only if the student has provided evidence to satisfy the instructor that the student is ready to make satisfactory progress in the next course.