Graduate Student Handbook

2.1 The Graduate School

Graduate study in the College of Public Health is conducted under the auspices of the Graduate School, and all students are considered to be enrolled directly in the Graduate School.

The student’s primary relationship to the Graduate School is through his or her advisor and the Graduate Studies Committee. The advisor and the Graduate Studies Committee approve course schedules and degree plans, and certify the student’s progress to the Graduate School at several important points.

The Graduate School is the administrative unit that oversees policies and procedures established by the Graduate Faculty of the University for all graduate programs. The specific requirements of the College of Public Health outlined in this handbook exist within the environment administered by the Graduate School. Frequent reference will be made in this program handbook to the Graduate School Handbook (GSH); in general, information already elaborated there is not repeated here.

Questions concerning any Graduate School policy may be directed to the student’s faculty advisor, the staff of the Office of Academic Programs and Student Services, the chair of the Graduate Studies Committee, or the Graduate School (614-292-6031). The Graduate School offices are normally located on the second floor of University Hall, 230 North Oval Mall, room 247, however they are temporarily located in the Ohio Stadium, 1961 Tuttle Park Place.