Megan E. Roberts, PhD

Megan E. Roberts, PhD
Assistant Professor
Health Behavior and Health Promotion
Center of Excellence in Regulatory Tobacco Science
Center for the Advancement of Tobacco Science
1841 Neil Avenue
353 Cunz Hall
Columbus, OH 43210
Phone: 614-292-4647

Professional Overview

Dr. Roberts' primary research interests lie in adolescent and young adult health, health disparities, and tobacco use.  As a social scientist, her work is grounded in health behavior theory, and she uses this basis to examine how intrapersonal and interpersonal factors (e.g., risk cognitions, peer influence) come to affect young people’s subsequent health behaviors. Dr. Roberts is a part of OSU's Center of Excellence in Regulatory Tobacco Science (CERTS) and have used ecological momentary assessment (EMA) methodology with several CERTS-related projects.

Research Interests

adolescent and young adult health, health disparities, and tobacco use


Postdoctoral, Tobacco and Public Health, The Ohio State University, 2017
Postdoctoral, Substance Use, Brown University, 2014
Ph.D., Psychology, Dartmouth College, 2012
B.A., Psychology, Cornell University, 2007

Selected Publications

Roberts, M.E., Doogan, N.J., Stanton, C.A., Quisenberry, A.J., Villanti, A., Gaalema, D.E., Keith, D.R., Kurti, A.N., Lopez, A.A., Redner, R., Cepeda-Benito, A. & Higgins, S.T. Rural vs. Urban Use of Traditional and Emerging Tobacco Products in the United States, 2013-2014. In press at the American Journal of Public Health.

Roberts, M.E., Lu, B., Browning, C.R., & Ferketich, A.K. Tracking young adults’ attitudes toward tobacco marketing using ecological momentary assessment (EMA). In press at Substance Use & Misuse.

Roberts, M.E., Doogan, N.J., Stanton, C.A., Gaalema, D.E., Kurti, A.N., Redner, R., White, T.J., & Higgins, S.T. (2016). Rural tobacco use across the United States: How rural and urban areas differ, broken down by census regions and divisions. Health & Place, 39, 153-159.

Roberts, M.E., Peters, E., Ferketich, A.K., & Klein, E.G. (2016). The age-related positivity effect and tobacco warning labels. Tobacco Regulatory Science, 2(2), 176-185

Roberts, M.E., Colby, S.M., Lu, B., & Ferketich, A.K. (2016). Understanding tobacco use onset among African Americans.  Nicotine and Tobacco Research, 18 (suppl 1): S49-S56.

Roberts, M.E., Berman, M., Slater, M.D., Hinton, A., & Ferketich, A.K. (2015). Point-of-sale tobacco marketing in rural and urban Ohio:Could the new landscape of tobacco products widen inequalities?  Preventative Medicine, 81, 232-235.

Roberts, M.E., Bidwell, C.L., Colby, S.M., & Gwaltney, C.J.  (2015). With others or alone? Individual differences among youths in the context of smoking lapses. Health Psychology, 34(11), 1066-1075.

Roberts, M.E., Colby, S.M., & Jackson, K.M. (2015). What predicts early smoking milestones?  Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, 76(2), 256-266.

Roberts, M.E., Gibbons, F.X., Gerrard, M., Weng, C., Murry, V.M., Simons, L.G. & Simons, R.L. (2012). From racial discrimination to risky sex: Prospective relations involving peers and parents. Developmental Psychology, 48(1), 89-102.