Aldenise Ewing, PhD, MPH, CPH

Assistant Professor

Aldenise Ewing, PhD, MPH, CPH

Cancer is one of two leading causes of death, yet we repeatedly see that certain groups fare worse when it comes to outcomes. To eliminate these poorer health outcomes for minority and underserved populations has always been my motivation to pursue work in public health and cancer health disparities-related research.


1841 Neil Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210




My research interests are focused on advancing cancer health equity through cancer prevention and risk reduction for underserved and minority populations—particularly those prior to the age of screening recommendations. My research is aimed at leveraging various strategies including community-based participatory research, community-based prevention marketing, community-based system dynamics and social technology for reducing and eliminating health disparities through intervention development, testing and dissemination.

  • Cancer epidemiology; screening and early detection; dissemination and implementation science; community engaged research; racial disparities; recreational sport athletes

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Behavioral Oncology, Moffitt Cancer Center, 2020-2021
PhD, Public Health, University of South Florida, 2014-2019
MPH, Behavioral Science and Health Education, Emory University, 2009-2011
BA, Spanish and Medicine, Health and Society, Vanderbilt University, 2005-2009

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Mirza, A. S., Pabbathi, S., Lu, Y., Ayoubi, N., Ewing, A., Jaglal, M., & Roetzheim, R. (2018). Comorbidities, risk, and socioeconomic factors of uninsured cancer survivors. Medicine97(47), e13121.