Ashley Felix, PhD

Associate Professor


Ashley Felix

What I love most about epidemiology is that we use data to make an impact in the lives of people who need it the most. In my work as a cancer epidemiologist, I focus on understanding why cancer health disparities exist so that we can provide data-informed solutions to reduce the unequal burden.

I also work to understand the larger context that creates racial disparities in cancer occurrence and outcomes, which is a unique part of public health. Our goal is to create healthier environments so that people can live their best lives.


1841 Neil Ave.
304 Cunz Hall
Columbus, OH, 43210

Dr. Felix is a cancer epidemiologist with strong interests in the molecular epidemiology of gynecologic malignancies. Specifically, Dr. Felix’s research activities include refining risk factors associations for heterogeneous endometrial cancer subtypes, investigating the molecular mechanisms that underlie these relationships, and identifying modifiable factors that can improve prognosis among endometrial cancer patients. Her work has specifically focused on women diagnosed with clinically aggressive endometrial tumors, which represent a diverse and understudied group of tumors, characterized by racial disparities.