Andy Ai Ni, PhD

Assistant Professor

Andy Ai Ni, PhD


1841 Neil Ave.
280D Cunz Hall
Columbus, OH 43210


ni [dot] 304atosu [dot] edu



Dr. Ni’s main research interests are in the causal inference and individualized treatment regimen estimation with survival outcomes. He is also interested in regularized variable selection under two-stage sampling designs. He collaborates with faculty at the James Comprehensive Cancer Center and other colleges on the design and analysis of various observational studies and clinical trials.

Causal inference with survival outcomes; Individualized treatment regimen estimation with survival outcomes; High-dimensional variable selection with survival outcomes; High-dimensional variable selection with measurement error; Outcome-dependent sampling designs; 

Ph.D., Biostatistics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
M.S., Biostatistics, University of Toronto

PubMed listing

† Student under my supervision


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