Hyunyi Cho, PhD

Hyunyi Cho, PhD
Health Behavior and Health Promotion
3026 Derby Hall
Columbus, OH 43210
Phone: 614-247-1691
Email: cho.919@osu.edu
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Hyunyi Cho, PhD, School of Communication


My research focuses on health communication and risk communication concerning issues including cancer, infectious diseases, substance use, and environmental exposure. Specific research interests include the following:

  • Development, implementation, and evaluation of communication-based interventions for risk reduction and health promotion
  • Media’s influence on the public’s perceptions and practices related to risk and health
  • Tailored message design and evaluation for diverse populations


Ph.D., Michigan State University

Selected Publications:

Mase, A.S., Cho, H., & Prokopy, L.S. (2015). Enhancing the social amplification of risk framework by exploring the role of trust and the availability heuristic for agricultural advisors’ belief in climate change. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 41, 166-176.

Cho, H., Shen, L., & Wilson, K.M. (2014). Perceived realism: Dimensions and roles in narrative persuasion. Communication Research, 41, 828-851. 

Tanes-Ehle, Z., & Cho, H. (2013). Goal setting outcomes: Examining the role of goal interaction in influencing the experience and learning outcomes of video game play for earthquake preparedness. Computers in Human Behavior, 29,858-869.

Jeong, S., Cho, H., & Hwang, Y. (2012). Media literacy interventions: A meta-analytic review. Journal of Communication, 62, 454-472.

Cho, H., Wilkum, K., King, A.J., Bernat, J.K., Ruvarac, A., & Xu, H. (2010). Fraternity drinking as edgework: An analysis of perspectives on risk and control. Health Communication, 25, 212-220.

Cho, H., Hall, J.G., Kosmoski, C., Fox, R.L., & Mastin, T. (2010). Tanning, skin cancer risk, and prevention: A content analysis of eight popular magazines that target female readers, 1997-2006. Health Communication, 25, 1-10.