Joanne G. Patterson, PhD, MPH, MSW

Assistant Professor

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We know that living in discriminatory contexts effects the economic and social resources available to LGBTQ people, which shapes health decision-making. I want to understand that process and figure out, with community members, where we can intervene at a population level. I want us to create a level playing field for LGBTQ people in cancer prevention and control.


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Dr. Joanne G. Patterson is a healthy equity scholar and behavioral scientist whose research program aims to reduce cancer inequities, with a special focus on minoritized lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) populations. Her research is informed by the socio-ecological model and applies an intersectionality framework to investigate determinants of cancer inequities and develop upstream interventions that are targeted to the unique contexts experienced by multiply minoritized populations. She has specific interests in tobacco and alcohol use, cancer screening, and upstream socioeconomic factors, including food insecurity.

Dr. Patterson’s tobacco research has a strong focus on regulatory science; conducting studies designed to guide federal regulation of tobacco products. In this area, she is specifically focused on public education about the risks of nicotine and tobacco product use, product advertising, and warnings. At OSU, collaborates on multiple studies in tobacco-related communications, which have been funded by the National Cancer Institute and The Ohio State University James Comprehensive Cancer Center. She is currently funded by a National Cancer Institute K99/R00 Career Development Award to examine the effect of exposure to anti-tobacco messages on polytobacco use among minoritized LGBT young adults.

Dr. Patterson's community-engaged work aims to build organizational capacity to conduct research that benefits minoritized LGBT populations. Current research partnerships include a formative program evaluation for an LGBT-focused tobacco cessation program and public education campaign in Ohio.

Health Equity; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Health; Social Determinants of Health; Cancer Prevention; Tobacco Prevention and Cessation; Tobacco Regulatory Science; Health Communications; Community Engaged Research; Implementation Science

PhD, Health Behavior and Health Education; University of Tennessee, Knoxville TN
MPH, Social and Behavioral Sciences; Boston University School of Public Health, Boston MA
MSW, Program Planning and Evaluation (Macro); Boston University School of Social Work, Boston MA
BA, English; Wesleyan College, Macon GA

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