JaNelle Ricks, DrPH, MPA

Assistant Professor

JaNelle Ricks, DrPH, MPA


1841 Neil Ave.
356 Cunz Hall
Columbus, OH 43210




Since becoming active in public health in 2008, I have been involved in planning, implementing, and evaluating cross-sectional and prospective studies in rural tobacco control policy, cancer prevention and control, childhood stress and trauma, and HIV/STD/unintended pregnancy prevention for youth and young adult populations in rural and urban settings. My current research addresses sexual and reproductive health issues among adolescent/young adult, racial/ethnic and sexual minority populations. My research examines the intersection of individual, social and environmental determinants of health, with particular emphasis on health disparities.

sexual and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS prevention, health disparities, social determinants, adolescent health, sexual and gender minority health, program evaluation

Postdoctoral Fellow, Behavioral Science and Health Education, Emory University, 2016
DrPH, Behavioral Health, University of Kentucky, 2013
MPA, Health Policy, Ohio University, 2010
BS, Public Relations, Ohio University, 2004

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