Joseph H. Tien, PhD

Assistant Professor

Phone: 614-292-5251

The Ohio State University Department of Mathematics
231 West 18th Street, Math Tower
Columbus, OH, 43210

Home Department: Department of Mathematics

Research Interests

Mathematical biology, particularly epidemiology and neuroscience.
Parameter estimation for di


PhD, Applied Mathematics, Cornell University, 2007
MS, Applied Mathematics, Cornell University, 2005
BA, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Highest Honors, Princeton University, 1998

Selected Publications

Devault AM, Golding GB, Waglechner N, Enk JM, Kuch M, Tien JH, Shi M, Fisman DN, Dhody AN, Forrest S, Bos KI, Earn DJD, Holmes EC, Poinar HN. 2014. Second-pandemic strain of Vibrio cholerae from the Philadelphia cholera outbreak of 1849. New England Journal of Medicine. doi: 10.1056/NEJMoa1308663.

Eisenberg MC, Kujbida G, Tuite AR, Fisman DN, Tien JH. 2013. Examining rainfall and cholera dynamics in Haiti using statistical and dynamic modeling approaches. Epidemics. 5:197-207.

Robertson SL, Eisenberg MC, Tien JH. 2013. Heterogeneity in multiple transmission pathways: modeling the spread of cholera and other waterborne disease in networks with a common water source. Journal of Biological Dynamics. 7(1): 254-275.

Eisenberg MC, Shuai Z, Tien JH, van den Driessche P. 2013. A cholera model in a patchy environment with water and human movement. Mathematical Biosciences. 246(1): 105-112.

Eisenberg MC, Robertson SL, Tien JH. 2013. Identi ability and estimation of multiple transmission pathways in cholera and waterborne disease. Journal of Theoretical Biology. 324: 84-102.

Shuai Z., Tien JH, van den Driessche P. 2012. Cholera models with hyperinfectivity and temporary immunity. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology. 74(10): 2423-2445. doi: 10.1007/s11538-012-9759-4

Holte S., Randolph T, Ding J, Tien JH, McClelland R, Baeten J, Overbaugh J. 2012. Ecientuse of longitudinal CD4 counts and viral load measures in survival analysis. Statistics in Medicine. 31(19): 2086-2097. doi: 10.1002/sim.5318.

Tuite A.R., Tien J.H., Eisenberg M.C., Earn D.J.D., Ma J., Fisman D.N. 2011. Cholera epidemic in Haiti, 2010 { using a transmission model to explain spatial spread of disease and identify optimal control interventions. Annals of Internal Medicine 154(9): 593-601. doi: 10.1059/0003-4819-154.

Tien J.H., Poinar H.N, Fisman D.N., Earn D.J.D. 2011. Herald waves of cholera in 19th century London. Journal of the Royal Society Interface 8(58): 756-760. doi: 10.1098/rsif.2010.0494.

Lyles D., Tien J.H., McCobb D.P., Zeeman M.L. 2010. Pituitary network connectivity as a mechanism for the LH surge. Journal of Neuroendocrinology. 22(12): 1267-1278.

Green Buckeye Certified CEPH CAHME