Kellie J. Archer, PhD

Chair and Professor


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It is essential to conduct research, make evidence-based decisions and derive policies in public health using data from well-designed studies that are appropriately analyzed. Working as a biostatistician at Ohio State allows me to engage in a wide range of applications that are seeking to reduce disease burden and improve public health. Additionally, we are training the next generation of biostatistical researchers to advance methodologies for solving new statistical challenges posed by collecting complex, high-dimensional and high-volume data.


1841 Neil Ave.
240 Cunz Hall
Columbus, OH 43210
Phone: 614-247-6167
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Dr. Archer’s primary research area has been in the development of statistical methods and computational algorithms for analyzing high-dimensional datasets. Such datasets frequently arise in studies that use high-throughput genomic assays, which yield datasets consisting of a large number of candidate predictors (p, the number of genes or proteins) on a small number of observations (n, the number of samples). Therefore, fitting statistical models for overparameterized problems is an active area of methodological research. Her current research is focused on developing methods and software when the response is either ordinal, discrete, or a time-to-event response where subjects may also experience cure and the genomic data are collected cross-sectionally or longitudinally.