Micah Berman, JD

Micah Berman, JD
Associate Professor; Joint Appointment, College of Law
Health Services Management and Policy
Phone: 614-688-1438
Email: berman.31@osu.edu
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210 Cunz Hall
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Micah Berman is an associate professor of public health and law at The Ohio State University’s College of Public Health and Michael E. Moritz College of Law.  His research explores the intersection between public health research and legal doctrine, and he is a co-author of The New Public Health Law: A Transdisciplinary Approach to Practice and Advocacy.  He is currently funded by the National Cancer Institute to conduct research that supports the FDA’s regulation of tobacco, and by the Ohio Department of Medicaid to evaluate the impact of Ohio's Medicaid expansion.  

Prior to joining Ohio State, Berman established and directed the Public Health and Tobacco Policy Center, which is now affiliated with Northeastern University School of Law. Under his leadership, the Center developed innovative model ordinances and provided policy support to state and local public health programs. Previously, he taught at Capital University Law School and directed the Ohio Tobacco Public Policy Center.

Professor Berman has also served as a senior advisor to the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products and as a member of the NIH’s Council of Public Representatives.

Before discovering his passion for public health, Berman was a trial attorney with the U.S. Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division and an associate with the law firm Stinson Morrison Hecker LLP (now Stinson Leonard Street LLP). He received a JD with distinction from Stanford Law School and a BA with highest honors in Public Policy from Brandeis University.  

Research Interests:

Tobacco control and prevention, the intersection between public health research and legal doctrine


JD, Stanford Law School
BA, Public Policy, Brandeis University


Public Health Law
Health Care Law for Managers
Tobacco Regulation and Policy

Selected Publications:


Scott Burris, Micah L. Berman, Matthew Penn, Tara Ramanathan Holiday, The New Public Health Law: A Transdisciplinary Approach to Practice and Advocacy (Oxford University Press and APHA Press, 2018).

Public Health Journals:

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Legal Journals:

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Book Chapter:

Micah L. Berman, The Commercial Speech Doctrine in the United States: False Promises and Promising Approaches for Protecting Public Health, in Tobacco Advertising: The Front and Back Side of Free Commercial Speech (Adalberto Pasqualotto ed., 2015).