Olorunfemi Adetona, PhD

Associate Professor

Environmental Health Sciences

Olorunfemi Adetona, PhD


1841 Neil Ave.
436 Cunz Hall
Columbus, OH, 43210
Email: adetona.1@osu.edu
Phone: 614-247-8123

My research is directed towards understanding the linkage between environmental and occupational exposures to combustion air contaminants and adverse health effects. I study exposures in these settings in association with molecular and physiological responses towards elucidating the mechanisms that underlie their contribution towards the developmentcardiovascular and respiratory disease. I also study potential agents for mitigating adverse health effects caused by particulate air pollution. Recent and ongoing research projects in my lab include studies to determine quantitative occupational (biomarker) exposure-response for cancer among structural firefighters, acute cardiovascular effects of wildland firefighting, and in-vitro experiments to investigate the mitigation of particulate matter-induced adverse responses by omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. 

I currently teach two courses that are connected to my research. PUBHEHS 7365 (Environmental and Health Risk Assessment) is a graduate level course that is focused on the teaching of processes for evaluating the nature and probability of adverse effects due to chemical exposures, while PUBHEHS 7380 (Exposure Science Monitoring Techniques) is a laboratory-based class that is focused on the teaching of the methods and tools for the quantification of human exposures to physical, chemical and biological agents in the environment.