Stanley Lemeshow, PhD


Stanley Lemeshow, PhD


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Stan Lemeshow is Founding Dean of OSU's College of Public Health, serving in that capacity for 10 years (between 2003 and 2013).  He has been with the University since 1999 as a biostatistics professor in the School of Public Health and the Department of Statistics, director of the biostatistics core of the Comprehensive Cancer Center and Director of the University’s Center for Biostatistics. His biostatistics research includes statistical modeling of medical data, sampling, health disparities and cancer prevention.  He has published extensively in the applied and methodological literature and has co-authored three textbooks in the John Wiley & Sons Wiley statistics series, a leading publisher for the scientific, technical and medical communities worldwide. The textbooks he authored are: Applied Logistic Regression, (now in its 3rd edition), Applied Survival Analysis (now in its 2nd edition) and Sampling of Populations; Methods and Applications (now in its 4th edition).  In 2003, Dr. Lemeshow was awarded the Wiley Lifetime Award.  Professor Lemeshow maintains an ongoing relationship with Aarhus University, Denmark as an Honorary Professor in Biostatistics and is a member of the faculty of the Erasmus Summer Program, Rotterdam, Holland.  He has taught more than 100 short courses on biostatistical methods in this country and abroad, including eight European countries, Australia, China and India.

Genetics of PTEN in Cowden and related syndromes and familial cancer, genetic alterations in the epithelial and stromal compartment of prostate adenocarcinomas,, innate immunity: elucidation and modulation cancer therapy, genetics of PTEN and molecular-based patient care, reducing cervical cancer in Appalachia, breast cancer prevention through nutrition, stress, aging and wound healing

Ph.D., Biostatistics, University of California, Los Angeles 1976
MSPH, Biostatistics, University of North Carolina 1970
BBA, Statistics, City College of New York 1969

  • Elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), 2003
  • Elected Fellow of the American Statistical Association - 1995
  • Elected, UCLA School of Public Health Alumni Hall of Fame, 2006
  • Lowell Reed Lecture, APHA October 2008
  • Wiley Lifetime Award, San Francisco, 2003

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