Seven health sciences colleges unlock possibilities for Public Health students

Ohio State Wexner Medical Center

The Ohio State University is home to seven health science colleges where discovery and innovation happens every day. The expertise across the colleges of Public Health, Medicine, Nursing, Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Optometry presents incredible opportunities for research and collaboration that not many universities can provide.

Public Health plays an important role in elevating the knowledge and skills of professionals throughout the health sciences. Whether they are working alongside dentists to figure out how to deliver care to children in areas with limited access, collaborating with medical and nursing experts to rethink how to prevent prematurity and infant death, or tackling the spread of disease between animals and humans alongside veterinarians, public health experts are vital to effective strategies that improve community health.

Seven health sciences colleges gives Ohio State’s College of Public Health a distinct advantage. It allows you to learn, and see, how public health impacts and intersects with all the health sciences. We also provide the spaces for you to find your place – and your unique voice – within public health. The chances to collaborate with and learn alongside people with a variety of interests flourish at Ohio State.

The new Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Center, set to open in phases beginning 2022, will foster even more ways to build team approaches to health promotion, disease prevention and health care.

Public Health students’ meaningful interdisciplinary connections are not limited to just health sciences. The depth and breadth of what Ohio State offers, and the college’s location in the heart of Columbus campus, means creative and dynamic partnerships can also be found in other colleges such as Engineering, Public Affairs, Arts and Sciences and Social Work.

This allows you to get involved in opportunities such as organizing community testing sites with students from the John Glenn College of Public Affairs and College of Engineering or partnering with the College of Dentistry to research how black raspberries might work to cure oral cancer.

The College of Public Health at Ohio State is where you can find your voice and become a champion of public health alongside students and seasoned experts across the health sciences.