Graduate Student Engagement and Dissemination Award Application

Division of Epidemiology, College of Public Health

Allocation priorities:

  1. Pending funding availability, the Division of Epidemiology will pay a maximum of $500 toward conference attendance or manuscript publication per student, to cover transportation, lodging, per-diem, conference registration, or publication fees. This is not a guaranteed award; approval is granted on a case-by-case basis. If a given conference or publication costs more than $500, students can petition for a one-time exception to request more support.  
  2. Students must be an MPH, MS, or PhD student in the Division of Epidemiology at the time the funds are to be expended. 
  3. Students must submit a engagement and dissemination award request to the Epidemiology Division Coordinator at least 2 months prior to the conference or at the time that the publication fee is known.  
  4. Students must be presenting work (as an oral or poster presentation) or be a lead author on a manuscipt to receive funding. Oral presenters will receive priority over poster presenters. 
  • Students who have received no engagement and dissemination award previously or received less than $500 will receive priority over students who have received this award in the past. 
  • Those receiving the award are expected to provide a deliverable on their presentation (i.e., at a minimum a photograph related to the presentation, tweet or short blurb about your research (250 characters limit), and a quote related to your experience or motivation for the work) to the Epidemiology Division Coordinator immediately after completing their presentation. The College or Division may use the deliverable on the College website or on social media to promote student engagement with research. 

Ohio-based research dissemination conferences:

The Division of Epidemiology encourages additional use of this Award to support Epidemiology graduate students who wish to attend a public health conference based in Ohio. The allocation for Ohio-based conference attendance is different: students are welcome to apply to receive this award only once and they are eligible regardless of whether they present at the conference. The goal is for students to gain the professional development that occurs by attending academic research dissemination meetings. Use of the award for Ohio-based research meetings will not count against the $500 award described above. 

Examples of eligible Ohio-based conferences include the Appalachian Translational Research Network Annual Health Summit, the Ohio Rural Health Association Conference, the Bowling Green State University/Ohio State Graduate Student Conference on Population, and the Ohio Public Health Association meeting. Recipients of the award will have registration fees paid and a per diem allowance for the day of the meeting (expected limit of approximately $100).  

Submit the following:  

  • Student and Conference/Publication information;
  • A budget that specifies: the exact amount requested from the Division; the support you have applied for or expect to receive from your advisor and any other sources;  
  • A brief email from your advisor, detailing their support or why they cannot provide any support; 
  • An abstract/summary of your presentation (if relevant); and 
  • A copy of the email or letter indicating your presentation/poster was accepted (if relevant). 

Student and Conference/Publication information form and Instructions: