Amy Ferketich, PhD


Amy Ferketich, PhD


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Dr. Ferketich’s research falls into the following areas within the field of tobacco control: smoking cessation, tobacco use surveillance, tobacco policy, and tobacco regulatory science. With respect to smoking cessation, her independent research is largely focused on smokers who can be reached through healthcare providers and the healthcare system. In the past, she has led projects that target Medicaid-enrolled smokers in Southeast Ohio and smokers with schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders. Her surveillance work includes secondary analyses of population-based data from the US, China, and Italy. Her research in the area of tobacco control policy has involved work with clean indoor air ordinances and tobacco advertising. She currently leads the Buckeye Teen Health Study, which is a project in OSU’s Center of Excellence in Regulatory Tobacco Science. The goals of the study are to examine initiation and transition to tobacco use, including dual use of products, among 1,220 adolescent boys in urban and rural counties in Ohio. Specifically, exposure to advertising, marketing, and general tobacco imagery will be examined for their relation to tobacco use transitions. She is also the PI (with Marielle Brinkman) on an NCI-funded project that is focused on examining the impact of a warning label on a waterpipe.

tobacco control: smoking cessation, tobacco use surveillance, tobacco policy, and tobacco regulatory science

M.A.S., Statistics, The Ohio State University 2001
Ph.D., Public Health, The Ohio State University 2000
M.A., Exercise Physiology, The Ohio State University 1994
B.S., Nutrition and Dietetics, Kent State University 1992
B.S., Physical Education, Kent State University 1992

  • College of Public Health’s Excellence in Teaching Award, October, 2007
  • Distinguished Undergraduate Research Mentor Award, March, 2016
  • Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco Spotlight Mentor Recognition, 2017

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