Julie Robbins, PhD

Associate Professor - Clinical, MHA Program Director

Julie Robbins, PhD


Cunz Hall, 206
1841 Neil Ave.
Columbus, OH, 43210
Email: robbins.11@osu.edu
Phone: 614-292-1428

Professional Overview

Julie Robbins, Ph.D., MHA Program Director and Assistant Clinical Professor, holds an MPA (1992), MHA (1993), and Ph.D. in health services management and policy (2013) from The Ohio State University.   Over the last 20 years, Dr. Robbins has held leadership roles and been responsible for strategy development in a variety of public and private sector health care organizations.  Her teaching interests and experience include healthcare  strategy, management, human resources and introduction to health services, and policy.  Her published research includes best practices for improving quality in healthcare delivery, including:  electronic health record implementation, patient safety, and strategic human resource management.


PhD, Public Health, The Ohio State University
Masters in Health Administration, The Ohio State University
Masters in Public Administration, The Ohio State University
BA, Politics, Mount Holyoke College

Selected Publications

Robbins J, McAlearney AS. Encouraging employees to speak up to prevent infections: Opportunities to leverage quality improvement and care management processes. Am J Infect Control. 2016 Nov 1;44(11):1224-1230. 

McAlearney AS, Hefner J, Robbins J, Garman AN. Toward a high-performance management system in health care, part 4: Using high-performance work practices to prevent central line-associated blood stream infections-a comparative case study. Health Care Manage Rev. 2016 Jul-Sep;41(3):233-43.

McAlearney, A., Robbins, J., Garman, A., Song, P. (2013) Implementing High-Performance Work Practices in Healthcare Organizations: Qualitative and Conceptual Evidence. Journal of Healthcare Management. 58(6):446-62.

Robbins, J. Garman, A., Song, P., McAlearney, A.S. (2012) How High-Performance Work Systems Drive Health Care Value: An Examination of Leading Process Improvement Strategies. Quality Management in Healthcare. 21(3), 188-202.

McAlearney, A.S., Robbins, J., Hirsch, A., Jorina, M., Kowalczyk, N., Chisolm, D. (2010). Moving from good to great in ambulatory electronic health record implementation. Journal for Healthcare Quality. 32(5), 41-50.