6.1 General Degree Requirements

The Master of Health Administration degree may be earned under both thesis and non-thesis plans. The degree requires 60 credit hours of coursework, distributed among required courses and electives.  The specific requirements relating to the distinction between the plans are explained in Section 6.4.


A minimum of 3 credit hours of introductory financial accounting is required. Recommended undergraduate courses at Ohio State are ACCTMIS 2200 or 2000. Students who have not met this prerequisite at the time of admission must complete the prerequsite in the summer prior to beginning the program. In extreme situations, students who have not met this prerequisite may be admitted to the program to begin coursework, but the requirement must be satisfied by the end of the first semester.

 Graduation [GSH 6.5]

Students must be enrolled for a minimum of three graduate credit hours during the term in which they wish to graduate. An online application to graduate (available at gradforms.osu.edu) must be completed by the student the last day of classes the term prior to the term of graduation. Prior to graduation, students are required to complete an Exit Survey, as explained in Section 13 of this handbook.

Time Limit

The MHA degree must be completed within 6 years from the date of matriculation into the program. The responsibility for academic progress and fulfillment of the time limit rule rests with each student. The MHA program coordinator will send a letter or email to students who have not yet completed the degree four years after matriculation to remind them of the time limit and summarize their unfulfilled course requirements. Those who fail to make satisfactory progress toward the degree in the year following this letter may be placed on academic probation. Students who fail to complete the program in six years must re-apply to the program by written petition to the MHA GSC. Advisors of students who fail to meet the six-year rule will be notified that no further registration will be permitted in the absence of an approved petition. Approval may require the student to complete additional coursework.