Current Graduate Students


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Graduate School Resources

Graduate Student Advising

Graduate students are assigned a faculty advisor at the beginning of their studies. Each graduate student is assigned a faculty advisor based on:

  • degree program
  • student’s stage within the program
  • students interests and/or research program

Students in the master’s degree programs usually need relatively little assistance early in the curriculum and are more likely to consult the advisor for professional and career-oriented questions. Students are encouraged to discuss professional decisions, academic challenges, or any other matters of interest with their advisors. This should not, however, prevent a student from approaching another member of the faculty when that would be helpful. Students in the MS and PhD programs rely more heavily on their advisors from the outset because the curriculum is more individually tailored. The advisor assignment reflects these differences.   
(Excerpt from Section 3 of the CPH Graduate Student Handbook)

To reach a faculty advisor, students should search the College of Public Health directory.

Office of Academic Programs and Student Services (OAPSS)

The Office of Academic Programs and Student Services (OAPSS) also works closely with graduate students, but do not serve as advisors to graduate students. OAPSS functions include admissions, recruitment, practicum and residency guidance, university resources as well as graduation and career services.