Graduate Student Handbook

4.1 Registration Procedures

Registration is a web-based process. Incoming students will be sent registration information by the Office of Academic Programs and Student Services. Unless the student’s advisor has approved a deviation, incoming students should register for the standard full or part-time schedule.

For continuing graduate students, registration information is sent to the student’s Ohio State email address via the University Registrar. The Graduate School outlines registration procedures for graduate students.

For full-time students, the sequence of required courses is pre-approved, so it is only the elective choices that need advisor approval. Part-time students should also discuss the sequencing of required courses to ensure that courses are not taken in an inappropriate or inefficient order. If the advisor is unavailable and a deadline cannot be met, the problem should be discussed with the Office of Academic Programs and Student Services before proceeding. Registering or altering registration without the advisor’s knowledge and consent can create serious problems and jeopardize the student’s progress in the curriculum.

Students who enroll in courses and have not been admitted to a CPH Graduate program are not guaranteed that the coursework they take will count towards any program in the College, nor does it guarantee admission into any program.

Changes in an approved schedule (dropping or adding courses) also require the advisor’s approval. Depending upon timing in the term, approval by the instructor and others also may be required. Forms requesting a change are available in OAPSS and online. Students should check the University Registrar’s website each term for important deadlines.