Graduate Student Handbook

6.2 Professional Development Series

All full-time first-year MHA students are required to participate in the program’s professional development series.  The series meets once per week and requires additional work outside of the classroom. It is designed to help students hone their career interests, develop their professional skills, and finalize market-ready professional documents, e.g. resumes and cover letters. Although there is no course credit associated with the series, student performance will be evaluated as of Satisfactory/ Unsatisfactory based on their participation and completion of assignments.   First-year students must receive a “Satisfactory” evaluation in the professional development series in order to participate in any program-sponsored residency placement.  First-year part-time students are strongly encouraged to attend the series especially if they will be seeking residencies coordinated through the MHA program. In rare instances, the program director may grant students an exemption to this program requirement.  Such exemptions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.