Graduate Student Handbook

7.2 Course Requirements

Even though the MS is not intended for professional practice, the faculty believe that it is important for students to gain an appreciation of the scope of the field of public health.  Thus students in the MS are required to show approved coverage in epidemiology and at least one of the other four areas basic to public health.  The overall distribution of course work is as follows:

  1. Approved courses in areas of knowledge basic to public health
  2. Required courses for the specialization
  3. Approved electives
  4. Thesis

 Specialization Requirements for the MS

Because of the research orientation of the degree, it is essential that students work closely with their advisors to plan their use of electives to build the expected skills and support their thesis or culminating project.

  • Deposit of an approved (advisor-signed) copy of the full thesis and abstract in the program office and by electronic submission to the Graduate School.