Graduate Student Handbook

8.2 Curriculum Requirements

The Graduate School establishes the minimum course credit requirement within which the specific course requirements exists [GSH 7.1.5].   A minimum of 80 graduate credit hours beyond the baccalaureate degree is required to earn a doctoral degree. If a master’s degree has been earned by the student, then a minimum of 50 graduate credit hours beyond the master’s degree is required. If the master’s degree was earned at another university, it must be transferred to this university. A student must be registered for at least three graduate credit hours during the semester(s) or summer term(s) of the candidacy examination, the semester or summer term of the final oral examination, and the semester or summer term of expected graduation. 

The PhD programs within the College of Public Health require between 80-90 credit hours to earn the degree. Students should consult their curriculum guides for confirmation of total hours required. A maximum of 20 credit hours may be given for dissertation research.

All students who successfully complete the doctoral candidacy examination will be required to be enrolled in 3 graduate credit hours in every semester of their candidacy (summer session excluded) until graduation.[GSC 7.7.3]

Post-Candidacy students receiving funding through an assistantship are required to be enrolled in summer, and should consult with their funding source.