Capstone Experience

All students in the Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSPH) program are required to complete a capstone experience. This experience varies depending upon the student's interest area and is usually completed near the final year of the program. While students are encouraged to participate in other work, research, or field experience opportunities such as internships when they are sophomores or first semester juniors, earning credit for the capstone requirement is limited to the student's last 3 semesters before completing their degree requirements. This allows the student to integrate more classroom learning during the Capstone.

1. Complete PUBHLTH 3180 (Capstone Preparation) prior to enrolling in Capstone.

    • Honors students enroll in Public Health 3180E
    • All other students enroll in Public Health 3180

2. Capstone must be completed within the last 3 semesters before graduation.

3. Capstone must be completed at the same time as the Capstone course.  Capstone course options:

    • PUBHLTH 3191 (Internship)
    • PUBHLTH 3999 (Research)
    • PUBHLTH 3189.0X (Education Abroad)

4. Capstone experience must result in 120 hours of public health related work (meeting BSPH competencies) between the first day and last day of classes.

5. Students should meet with a public health academic advisor to ensure they are eligible to register for Capstone.

Honors students must complete an Honors Capstone Project, and are required to complete an Honors Capstone Project Application before beginning their Capstone work.

The three choices of Capstones are:

    • PUBHLTH 4999.01H – Senior Honors Thesis
    • PUBHLTH 3189.XXE – Honors Field Experience (Education Abroad)
    • PUBHLTH 3191E – Honors Undergraduate Internship

1.     Internship

    • Meet with a staff member in the Buckeye Careers Office to ensure your resume and cover letter are up to date.
    • Utilize Handshake (The Ohio State University Career Management System) to search for internships.
      • Internships can take on many forms and occur in many different types of organizations:
    • Non-Profit, For-Profit, Hospitals, Government Agencies, etc.
    • Internships should relate to and meet specialization competencies (public health sociology or environmental public health).
    • Use this opportunity to develop or enhance skills and explore different areas in the field of public health.

2.     Research

3.     Education Abroad

    • Explore the World Through the Public Health Lens: Japan
      • This Education Abroad Program provides a basic introduction to global public health concepts and practice, and discusses links between public health, social and economic development with special emphasis on Japanese society.  Field trips include visits to Hiroshima and other important Japanese cities. 

1. Register yourself for one of the three Capstone course options:    

    • PUBHLTH 3191 (Internship)
    • PUBHLTH 3999 (Research)
    • PUBHLTH 3189.0X (Education Abroad)

2. Contact the College of Public Health Assistant Director of Career Services and Practice Placement, Dawn Williams, and complete the Capstone Agreement Form

3. Talk to your Preceptor/Supervisor to set start dates and establish goals.

After completing a capstone internship, students should be able to:

  • Describe newly acquired knowledge in one or more specific public health areas
  • Integrate classroom knowledge into a work environment
  • Refine BSPH competencies through skills obtained during the internship
  • Describe the 5 steps of effective career planning and development and demonstrate examples of activities accomplished for each of the first four steps.

When can I complete the Capstone Experience?

Students that have completed the majority of the Core Public Health undergraduate courses and are entering their senior year are eligible to complete the Capstone Internship Experience.

How do I find an Internship?

  • Handshake, a comprehensive, web-based career services management platform for sourcing, engaging, and hiring College of Public Health students for jobs, internships, and practicum opportunities
  • BSPH Undergraduate Career Services Carmen Shell.  All undergraduate students in CPH will have access to this platform to search for posted opportunities. 
  • Student Newsletter
  • Public Health organization websites may list internships in their careers section

Field Experience in Public Health (Education Abroad)

This course is a public health related education abroad field experience. See specific course syllabi for learning objectives. The College of Public Health offered a sponsored field experience in coordination with the Office of International Affairs Education Abroad program.