The Student: Dan Brook

Dan Brook

At the time, I was committed to pursuing academic medicine. I had the (false) belief that public health and medicine were separate entities, but after entering medical school I recognized how intertwined public health and medicine are.

I found my niche.


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Turning Pain into Action: Disaster Relief from 2,000 Miles Away

Ohio State's Puerto Rico Association

That’s when the hurricane hit, and Davila-Martin found herself 2,000 miles away from home with little to do to help her friends and family.

On September 21, Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Flooding in Puerto Rico left millions...

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Loved one’s death could spur aggressive measures against breast cancer

Tasleem Padamsee, PhD, assistant professor of health services management and policy

Women whose family members or friends died of cancer were far more likely to approach prevention aggressively than were those whose loved ones survived the disease, found a team of researchers at The Ohio State University.

“The cancer of someone you care about is a...

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A Head Start

Kirsten Chrzan, Master of Public Health, epidemiology

The first life I saved was a heroin overdose victim in her early thirties. She was found by her father unconscious on her bedroom floor. She was cyanotic with a thready pulse and was not...

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Research forums a rite of passage for many students

Mikafui Dzotsi and Christopher Weghorst, PhD

In March, three of the college’s doctoral students placed in the top three in their respective categories at the Edward F. Hayes Graduate Research Forum.

Brittany Keller-Hamilton (epidemiology) placed second for her research on the effects of outdoor tobacco...

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CPH honors former EPA administrator at Pre-Commencement

McCarthy intentionally linked national environmental policy to public health initiatives in her tenure as EPA administrator under President Barack Obama, shifting the landscape of environmental policy at the time. Her initiatives protected...

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