Graduate Student Handbook

8.1 General Degree Requirements

The PhD degree requires a significant program of study and research that qualifies the recipient to work independently and contribute to the advancement of the field of knowledge.  Thus, the emphasis is on mastery of the field and particularly on the acquisition of research skills as a basis for original work.  The PhD degree in Public Health can be pursued in three specializations offered soley via the CPH (epidemiology, biostatistics, health behavior and health promotion and health services management and policy). In addition to these PhD specializations, two interdisciplinary specializations are offered. The PhD degree in Biostatistics is an interdisciplinary program that offered by the Division of Biostatistics and the Department of Statistics; for more information about this program, please visit The PhD degree with a specialization in Environmental Public Health is an interdisciplinary program that is jointly offered by the Division of Environmental Health Sciences via the University Environmental Science Graduate Program (ESGP). Students should review the specialization information and Handbook for ESGP.