MHA Administrative Residency

The Master of Health Administration (MHA) program requires a summer administrative residency in a health service organization between the first and second year of coursework, unless an alternative practice experience is approved. The objectives of the HSMP residency program are to enable you to:

  • Develop leadership skills, management skills, and policy analysis skills through direct participation in management activities and
  • Obtain practical information and knowledge about health services management and policy analysis.

The residency is a vital part of the total educational experience, and you will gain hands-on experience working alongside seasoned professionals who enjoy mentoring students.

Summer administrative residents should ideally be included as a participant and observer of the top management group during the residency period. The ability to relate theory to practice is essential to the professional development of a health care executive. Preceptors should expect the resident to function as a full-time member of the management group and should also give the resident opportunity to work at their maximum potential.

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Joy Mason

Completing my graduate summer internship at the Cleveland Clinic cemented my passion for community health and hospital administration. Working at a world-class organization that’s so mission-driven and dedicated to its caregivers, community and patients opened my eyes to the impact that I can have with an MHA. I learned that, even post-graduation, the opportunities for learning, growth and development are endless.

—Joy Mason

McKenna Hensley

My summer residency experience put everything together for me. I learned why each of my classes mattered, how they work together in the real world and in the classroom, and the role I am the most passionate about. It truly solidified for me that I made the right choice in healthcare administration.

—McKenna Hensley

If so, please contact the MHA Program Director, Kelly Scheiderer (, or complete the Residency Response Form. Please download fillable PDF to your computer before completing. Once complete, please save the document and email it to

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