Global Public Health Minor

Public health is an exciting field that concentrates on assuring and improving population health, and protecting against threats to health. Public health covers a broad range of disciplines and issues, including such topics as environmental pollution, access to health insurance, avian influenza, bioterrorism, and obesity. The minor can serve as a precursor to further study in public health, other health professions, or any fields in which the health of persons and populations is a relevant concern. In addition, public health is of interest for its own sake, as a component of a rigorous liberal arts education.

Global Public Health Minor Overview

The minor in Global Public Health focuses on health issues affecting populations in the US and low-to middle economic status countries worldwide.

Students complete courses that provide content relative to presenting and discussing the type and scope of public health issues, factors that contribute to existing and emerging issues, and applicable approaches to address and intervene. The program will augment and enhance many different undergraduate bachelor degree programs and expands learners’ knowledge and comprehension of issues affecting humans domestically and internationally.

Upon successful completion of the undergraduate minor in Global Public Health, students will be better prepared to:

  • Compare and contrast examples of major domestic and international public health issues
  • Discuss various global approaches/strategies for identification, response and intervention to address and attempt to resolve common public health issues
  • Identify political, cultural, behavioral and socio-economic factors related to global public health issues
  • Work effectively in international settings
  • Adapt to diverse cultures, perceptions and approaches
  • Discuss major currents of global change and issues they raise
  • Communicate across cultural and linguistic boundaries
  • Comprehend the international dimension of one's field of study.

The minor in Global Public Health requires a minimum of 15 credit hours.

Public Health 2010: Introduction to Global Public Health (3)
Public Health Epidemiology 2410: Introduction to Epidemiology (3)
Public Health Environmental Health Sciences 3310: Current Issues in Global Environmental Health (3)
Public Health Health Behavior and Health Promotion 3510: The Role of Behavior in Public Health (3)
Public Health Health Services Management and Policy 3610 (formerly 4650): US and International Health Care (3)

*The minor in Global Public Health was revised in Summer 2015. The required courses listed above are for students who officially declare the minor Summer 2015 and after.

Global Public Health minor requirements (Summer 2015 forward)
Global Public Health minor requirements (prior to Summer 2015)

To declare the minor, students should send an email to cphatosu [dot] edu with the subject line "Declare Global Public Health Minor". Appointments with a Public Health advisor are not needed to declare the minor.