Environmental Public Health - Master of Science

Ohio State’s Master of Science in Environmental Sciences specializing in Environmental Public Health provides students with a greater understanding of how human health and the environment are intertwined and how they can identify and mitigate human health hazards along with develop plans to prevent future harm from occurring.

Our degree is an interdisciplinary partnership with the Ohio State’s environmental science program that provides the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct basic and applied research as well as be academically prepared to pursue a doctoral degree.

Faculty mentorship

Every student is matched with a faculty advisor who will be a guide and provide individualized attention during your master’s program. Their expertise can help you develop your research acumen and your academic pursuits.

Collaboration and opportunity

Our partnerships at Ohio State and throughout the community present numerous chances for students to enrich what they learn with valuable experiences to enrich their academic opportunities.

Building skills to address tomorrow’s challenges

Throughout the master’s degree, students learn several skills essential to addressing environmental public health issues including, epidemiology, toxicology, risk assessment and biostatistics.

Degree requirements

Minimum credit hours: 39   
Prerequisites: Bachelor's degree; 3.4 GPA (recommended); GRE scores; calculus/statistics, physical science and biological sciences coursework   
Program start: Autumn semester

Deadlines to apply

Nov. 30

International deadline

Dec. 15

U.S. deadline


Ready to apply?

We have developed recommendation to help with your application. The interdisciplinary master’s program application should be submitted to Ohio State’s Office of Graduate Admissions. Do not use SOPHAS to apply for this program.

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