Graduate Biostatistics Certificate and Minor

The biostatistics certificate and minor program teaches working professionals and students how to conduct biostatistical analyses and understand study designs in public health research and data analysis.

This 14-credit program has a strong focus on biostatistics and public health, critical background in epidemiology and has flexibility in learning statistical software (R, SAS and Strata). These skills are essential for today’s statisticians, epidemiologists, environmental health scientists and specialists, management analysts and medical scientists.

Current Ohio State graduate students may pursue either the graduate certificate or minor. Working professionals or non-degree students may pursue the graduate certificate.

Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the certificate or minor will have the required skills to: 

  1. Evaluate study designs and analytical methods commonly used in public health research.
  2. Fit and interpret standard regression models using statistical software.
  3. Apply data management techniques to prepare data for statistical analysis. 


  • Bachelor's degree
  • B- or higher in all course work
  • Minimum program credits: 14 credits
  • Students pursuing a graduate degree in the College of Public Health may overlap a maximum of 6 credits with their graduate degree and the Certificate.


The curriculum for the biostatistics graduate certificate and minor is the same and delivered 100% online. Coursework is focused in the areas of biostatistics and epidemiology, understanding of statistical methods such as survival analysis and introduction to a range statistical computing packages.

Foundation courses
Course number Course name Credits
PUBHEPI 6410 Principles of Epidemiology 3 credits
PUBHBIO 6210 Applied Biostatistics I 3 credits
PUBHBIO 6211 Applied Biostatistics II* 3 credits
PUBHBIO 6250 Regression Methods for the Health Sciences** 3 credits
Selective courses (pick one course, total 2 credits)
Course number Course name Credits
PUBHBIO 6270 Introduction to SAS for Public Health Students 2 credits
STAT 5730 Introduction to R for Data Science 2 credits
STAT 5740 Introduction to SAS Software 2 credits

*Prerequisite: PUBHBIO 6210
**Prerequisite: PUBHBIO 6211


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