Environmental Public Health Risk Assessment Graduate Certificate

With a graduate certificate in Environmental Health Risk Assessment from Ohio State, you will gain the knowledge and skills applicable to exposure hazard assessment and disease risk assessments involving environmental and occupational toxic chemical and infectious microbial agents.

In this 15-credit program, you will learn the various types and levels of agents that contaminate air, water, soil and food. You also will be better prepared to address applicable workplace and community concerns as you learn how to plan, identify, assess and characterize the risks associated with environmental exposures that impact human health.

Learning Outcomes

With the successful completion of the Environmental Public Health Risk Assessment certificate, you will be better prepared to:

  1. apply and interpret general epidemiological methods
  2. summarize the four major components of risk assessment
  3. interpret relevant toxic chemical agent exposure and epidemiological disease data
  4. interpret relevant infectious microbiological agent exposure and epidemiological disease data
  5. conduct and interpret human health risk assessments based on environmental exposures


  • Bachelor’s degree (includes college-level math, statistics, biology and chemistry)
  • Minimum Program Credits: 15 credits
  • No more than 50 percent of the credit hours required for the certificate may count toward a degree (current students only)


Required Foundation Courses (9 credits) plus Selective Courses (6 credits)



Required Courses (9 credits):


PUBHEPI 6410 Principles of Epidemiology


PUBHEHS 7365 Environmental & Human Health Risk Assessment


PUBHEHS 7375 Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment


*Selective Courses (pick two courses; 6 credits):


PUBHEHS 5315 Principles of Toxicology


PUBHEHS 6320 Global Health and Environmental Microbiology


PUBHEPI 7411 Epidemiology in Environmental Health


PUBHEHS 5330 Environmental Epigenetics


PUBHEHS 7380 Exposure Science Monitoring Techniques


PUBHEHS 8340 Molecular Techniques in Environmental Health


PUBHLTH 5015 Public Health Data Analytics 1


*Students without educational background in toxicology and microbiology are encouraged to select PUBHEHS 5315 and PUBHEHS 6320. Students interested in applicable exposure assessment field and lab techniques may consider selecting PUBHEHS 7380 and PUBHEHS 8340. Others interested in additional content relevant to epidemiology may consider PUBHEPI 7411 and either PUBHEHS 5330 or PUBHLTH 5015.