Public Health Certificates, Minors and Graduate Specializations

Undergraduate minors

Global Public Health

The Global Public Health minor focuses on health issues affecting populations in the United States and low- to middle-economic status countries worldwide. You will learn about the scope of public health issues, factors that contribute to existing and emerging issues, and applicable approaches to address and intervene.


The 15-credit-hour undergraduate minor in Epidemiology focuses on epidemiologic methods and two important content areas of the field: chronic disease epidemiology and infectious disease epidemiology along with expanding knowledge and comprehension of issues affecting humans domestically and internationally.

Public Health and the Arts

Learn how arts and culture are essential components of individual wellness and health communities. A minor in Public Health and the Arts exposes students to both public health and the arts to promote understanding that community wellbeing encompasses many aspects of daily living and not just individual behavior.

Graduate certificates


Learn how to conduct biostatistical analyses, understand study designs in public health research and data analysis, and gain critical background in epidemiology and learning statistical software.

Environmental Public Health Risk Assessment

Gain the knowledge and skills applicable to exposure hazard assessment and disease risk assessments involving environmental and occupational toxic chemical and infectious microbial agents.

Global One Health

To more efficiently and effectively achieve the best health outcomes for people, animals and the environment, develop your expertise in the surveillance, prevention, mitigation and intervention strategies that promote a healthy world.

Health Services Research

Get equipped with the tools to conduct and interpret reliable research that addresses costs, access to and quality of health care as well as the processes and outcomes of health services and policies.

Occupational Safety and Health

An interdisciplinary offering with the College of Engineering, learn how to identify, evaluate and control hazardous situations and exposures that may impact workers and the community.

Graduate minors

Public Health Behavior and Promotion

A great complement to applicable PhD and Master’s students to learn the fundamental knowledge about public health behavior and health promotion and the related skills and approaches necessary to plan, implement and evaluate health-related programs.

Graduate interdisciplinary specializations

Obesity Science

Obesity Science teaches students how to address this epidemic from biological, psychological, social and relational perspectives. Learn the foundational knowledge and skills needed in basic science, prevention science, community interventions and clinical treatments.

Global Health

Global Health provides graduate and professional students access to interdisciplinary study in global health issues and the opportunity to gain specific expertise in the unique challenges of health care in the developing world and among immigrant populations.