Bachelor of Science in Public Health

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Public health is about helping people live their best lives. As a professional, you are crucial to preventing illness and early, avoidable death. You are in a position to dismantle inequities, to find and eliminate structural barriers that hold so many people back. You are a part of a community that strives to create and sustain a healthier, stronger world by improving both individual well-being and the quality of the environment and systems in which people live.

At Ohio State, the Bachelor of Science in Public Health will immerse you in education and career preparation that helps you create meaningful change in people’s lives. Our nationally accredited program will broaden your perspectives in the health of individuals and communities. Your career development at Ohio State will allow you to explore the expansive possibilities in public health. And you will be bolstered by faculty and advisors excited to see you succeed and eager to help you pursue your passions.


Program Application

The BSPH major is competitive and requires an application. Pre-public health students and those who change majors should apply now for Autumn 2024 admission. Future Public Health Buckeyes should apply to Ohio State and indicate public health as their desired major.

Prepare your application

Emmanuela Aboagye-Mensah

Pursuing public health has allowed me to study the factors involved in health disparities and to actively investigate how to close the gaps in care to improve the health of minorities.

--Emmanuela Aboagye-Mensah


Student Opportunities

Gain more exposure to the public health field by getting involved in student groups and opportunities outside of the classroom while at Ohio State.

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Student Outcomes

Our graduates are qualified for early career, entry-level positions in public health agencies and other public or private organizations. The curriculum and experiences also prepare students for advanced study via graduate and professional degree programs. Careers include:

  • Youth Tobacco Prevention Specialist
  • Air Pollution Specialist
  • Crisis Intake Specialist
  • Research Analyst
  • Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Environmental Specialist

What you learn

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Academic and career advising

In the College of Public Health, you receive dedicated one-on-one advising services to guide you through your public health education. Our low advisor-to-student ratio also will help with your career development ensuring you get the needed attention and preparation to apply what you learn and make an impact in the lives of others.


Public Health minors

Students also have the opportunity to meet their public health career goals by completing an approved minor offered by the College of Public Health. Learn more about how a public health minor can specialize your skills, fulfill a particular interest and help you further understand health promotion and disease prevention.