Bachelor of Science in Public Health – Specialization in Public Health Sociology

bsph sociology infographic

The Department of Sociology in the College of Arts & Sciences offers the only undergraduate degree at OSU in sociology. Blending select courses from the existing sociology degree program with select courses from public health will form a relatively unique interdisciplinary undergraduate specialization in Public Health Sociology. This program will provide a broad pre-professional foundation by expanding shared and complimentary principles of sociology and public health relative to population health and intervention.



Public Health Sociology Specialization Competencies

  1. Develop quantitative awareness of the multiple-scale and multiple interactions that characterize public health problems.
  2. Summarize major factors that contribute to human disease and compromised quality of life.
  3. Apply theory to public health issues identified within contemporary society.
  4. Summarize issues of social inequality and environmental justice.
  5. Analyze and interpret fundamental statistical and epidemiological data.
  6. Communicate ideas and results that solve community-based public health problems.
  7. Summarize the intervention and disease prevention strategies to sustain and improve quality of life.
  8. Write and communicate applicable case summaries.


Career Opportunities

Though many students go straight on to a graduate program in public health, to medical school, pharmacy school, or other graduate degree programs, entry-level jobs for BSPH graduates are available. Some options include:

  • Doing consulting work related to disease prevention
  • Working at a company that does health communication and health marketing
  • Responding to calls at a West Nile virus hotline
  • Serving as a program assistant with an international health organization

Some take advantage of government programs to gain more experience such as serving in the Peace Corps or AmeriCorps, or participating in a CDC training fellowship. There are also positions specific to public health sociology such as:

  • Youth tobacco prevention specialist 
  • Public health social worker