CPH Alumni Society Membership

Alumni Membership

All graduates of the College of Public Health (including prior public health, preventative medicine and health administration programs). No dues or donations necessary.

Benefits include

• Receiving newsletters and communications from the society
• Invitations to special events
Volunteer opportunities
• Access to the college-only online directory
Career resources
• Access to Facebook & LinkedIn sub-groups (coming soon)
• Ability to nominate and vote in society elections
• Ability to sit on a society committee

Sustaining Membership

$24 minimum tax-deductible annual donation to the Public Health fund of your choice.*

Additional benefits include

• Opportunity to purchase Ohio State athletic tickets from the society through a lottery system (tickets not guaranteed; must have OSUAA sustaining membership)
• Ability to hold office on the Board of Governors (with OSUAA sustaining membership)
• Society event discounts

CPH + OSU Sustaining Membership

$75 minimum tax-deductible annual gift to any Ohio State fund with at least $24 going to a Public Health fund.*

Sustaining Membership in both the College of Public Health Alumni Society and The Ohio State University Alumni Association supports the college and university as a whole.


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Please consider the following Public Health funds when making your gift. 

The Ohio State Fund for the College of Public Health

An unrestricted gift in support of the college's highest priorities and greatest needs today.

The College of Public Health General Scholarship Fund

Direct financial assistance to students, making a superior college education affordable and attainable.

Public Health Alumni Fund

Supports programs and activities for all College of Public Health alumni.

View all College of Public Health funds

*Donations made January 1 through September 30 will result in Sustaining Membership for the current calendar year. 
Donations made October 1 through December 31 will begin Sustaining Membership through a complete calendar year. 
(I.e., a donation made on September 30, 2019 will result in Sustaining Membership through December 31, 2019. A donation made October 1, 2019 will result in Sustaining Membership through December 31, 2020.)