Online Student Checklist

Tips for Taking Courses Online (3/11/20)


  • Prioritize your commitments
  • Create your time management plan
  • Prepare your learning environment
  • Locate optimal work space(s)
  • Purchase your textbooks and class materials
  • Download any other readings materials
  • Locate the campus services you will need

BEFORE CLASSES START - Prepare for the Technology

  • Make sure that you have regular access to a computer and high-speed Internet
  • Brush up on your computer skills
  • Determine where you will be saving any of your work (in the cloud, on computer or drive storage)
  • Test your system for compatibility
  • Participate in the online student orientation, if offered
  • Make sure you know how to contact the Ohio State help desk
  • Find out how to access your course
  • Retrieve your username and password
  • Login to Carmen if your account is available and familiarize yourself with the system


  • Login to Carmen and access your course
  • Read any course announcements that are posted
  • Find the course information
  • Write down the instructor’s contact information
  • Read the course syllabus
  • Print out the course schedule if one is posted
  • Add all due dates to your schedule
  • Review the reading requirements and plan sufficient time in your schedule
  • Review the instructor’s grading policy
  • Review course rubrics
  • Review the attendance and participation policy
  • Find out how assignments are to be submitted
  • Locate the Help Forum, if course has one


  • Login to the course several times per week (see course syllabus for details)
  • Always check announcements and course email
  • Participate in class discussions
  • Begin your assignments early – Don’t procrastinate
  • Study for exams and quizzes
  • Ask questions to peers as well as instructor when you need clarification
  • Check your grades frequently
  • Use feedback received to improve future performance
  • Self-evaluate
  • Revise your time management plan if necessary

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