Find Your Voice

To be a champion of public health, you must first find your voice. The College of Public Health at The Ohio State University not only provides that opportunity, but the space to be heard.

We are committed to seeking ways to eliminate the obstacles – from toxic exposures to racial health inequities to poor reproductive health care – that hold people back. We believe in creating a learning environment that inspires novel approaches to improving the health and well-being of those in our community, in the nation and throughout the world.

We are home to faculty who are leading the important – and sometimes difficult – conversations about a world full of both challenge and possibility. We are engaged in the international dialogues including those about tobacco control and vaping policy, infectious disease prevention and sexual health. We are finding ways to help parents understand how a child’s early life experiences contribute to health later on, to address the disproportionate burden of early death among babies born to African-American mothers and to shine a light on the risks of long-term brain damage for domestic violence survivors. We are at the forefront of managing the challenges posed by contaminated water and air. And we are addressing critical problems facing our health care system, including inequitable access to both prevention and treatment.

As important as it is for each of us to bring our distinctive voice to the public health conversation, we also cultivate a community that welcomes a chorus of voices, that places great value on the beauty and power of collaboration with experts throughout Ohio State and beyond.

And we believe in listening well and remaining open to voices that are different than ours. Above all, we understand that inclusive excellence is the foundation of strong, vibrant organizations.

This open, inviting and thoughtful approach offers our students a rich education that provides the knowledge and skills to study vexing public health problems and examine evidence with the confidence to champion disease prevention, break down societal divisions and advance our collective fate.