Graduate Student Handbook

Appendix A: Graduate Studies Committee


Graduate Studies Committee Members for 2019-2020


Sharon Schweikhart, PhD, MBA Health Services Management & Policy, Chair
Mark Weir, PhD Environmental Health Sciences
Sarah Anderson, PhD, MS Epidemiology
Julie Robbins, PhD, MHA MHA Program Director
Liz Klein, PhD, MPH Health Behavior & Health Promotion
Andy Wapner, PhD, MD Program for Experienced Professionals Program Director
Philip Binkley, MD, MPH College of Medicine – Clinical Translational Science
Courtney Hebert, MD, MS College of Medicine – Biomedical Informatics
Armando Hoet and Amanda Berrian DVM, PhD College of Veterinary Medicine – Veterinary Public Health
Greg Rempala, PhD   Biostatistics




PhD student representative


MS student representative
  MPH-PEP student representative
  MPH student representative


MHA student representative


Ex officio

Michael Bisesi, PhD, MS Senior Associate Dean, Academic Affairs
Kynthia Droesch, MSEd Director, Office of Academic Programs and Student Services