Office of Research

Bill Miller, MD, PhD, MPHWilliam C. Miller, MD, PhD, MPH
Senior Associate Dean for Research
Professor, Epidemiology

Bill's goal is to use his skills to help our faculty and students get funding and do their research more easily and effectively.
You can reach Bill at 614-292-2516 or miller [dot] 8332atosu [dot] edu.


Valerie DelmonicoValerie Delmonico
Director of Research Administration Services
You can reach Valerie in Cunz Hall Room 280B or at delmonico [dot] 3atosu [dot] edu.


Scot ErbeScot Erbe
Senior Grants and Contracts Specialist
Post-award research support
Scot leads post-award grants management for the college, including compliance and laboratory safety and operations. He assists investigators with project administration and is our resident expert on non-personnel project expenditures such as sub-contracts, foreign subawards, purchase orders and consultant agreements.
You can reach Scot at 247-8727, in Cunz Hall Room 280A, or at erbe [dot] 7atosu [dot] edu.


Amy ButalaAmy Butala
Grants and Contracts Specialist
Pre and Post-award research support
Amy serves as the Grants and Contracts Specialist for the College of Public Health’s Office of Research, providing pre and post award support. She has over twelve years of research experience having worked as a clinical research assistant, multisite coordinator and grants manager and a clinical trials financial healthcare consultant.
You can reach Amy at 247-4245, in Cunz Hall Room 280C, or at butala [dot] 8atosu [dot] edu.


Training for Researchers

The Office of Research offers comprehensive training and education programs to meet the research needs of key personnel (faculty, staff, post docs, students) involved in the conduct of research at Ohio State. These programs are structured to provide key personnel with a better understanding of the research requirements, policies, and administrative processes that impact the research enterprise. Web-based training, workshops, seminars, and presentations related to responsible research practices, financial stewardship, research compliance issues, commercialization of intellectual property, electronic research administration tools, and other aspects of research administration are provided here.

Mandatory Research Compliance: Responsible Conduct of Research Training

OSU is now requiring everyone who is eligible to conduct research to be trained in the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR). As a first step, all research eligible individuals must take the Collaborative Institutional Training Institute “CITI” RCR course. Towards that end, please find several URL links below to relevant webpages for your review, determination of your current status and successful completion of this requirement. Please make sure that you and all "research eligible" individuals associated with your research program have completed the CITI Responsible Conduct of Research Course at your earliest convenience. The training must be completed by September 1, 2018 for continued access to key university activities related to research, including approval of grants, protocols and internal funding.

Those required to take the training include faculty, staff and students involved in the design, conduct or reporting of research, specifically: 

  • Full, associated, assistant and emeritus professors is conducting research
  • Employees with "research" in their titles (e.g., research directors, assistant directors, coordinators, managers, specialist, statisticians, aides, assistants and associates)
  • Postdoctoral fellows and researchers; graduate associates, fellows and trainees; and undergraduate fellows and trainees.

December 4, 2017 Email from Bruce McPheron, PhD, Executive Vice President and Provost

OSU Office of Research Compliance webpage: Responsible Conduct of Research

OSU Office of Research: Accessing the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Program (New and Existing Users)


Follow the URL below to start the process. 

  • Click on “Ohio State University Courses” 
  • *****If a Responsible Conduct of Research course is listed and the status is “Passed”: You are already compliant. 
  • *****If a Responsible Conduct of Research course is listed and the status is “Not Started”: You are NOT compliant. 
  • *****If a Responsible Conduct of Research course is NOT listed: You are NOT compliant. 
  • If you are NOT compliant: 
  • In the box entitled “My Learner Tools for Ohio State University” Click on “Add a Course” 
  • Go to “Question 1” and choose “Responsible Conduct of Research Course” 
  • Go to “Question 2” and choose the “Biomedical Research” RCR course. 
  • Submit 
  • To take the added course, click on the course title and begin the adventure. 
  • Once you have successfully completed the course, the university’s data system will be updated automatically. 

Additional Resources

Additional support materials for College of Public Health faculty and staff are available on the Research Administration page.