Graduate Student Handbook

5.2 Dual Specializations

Most students will find that their objectives are best met by a single specialization and the careful use of their elective time. The option of pursuing two specializations within the MPH degree is available provided the student meets certain conditions:

  • The student also must be admitted by the division or program committee overseeing the second specialization and must have an advisor assigned for each specialization.
  • A total of 42 or 48 credits, depending on the specialization, must be successfully completed to earn the MPH degree in the College of Public Health at The Ohio State University.
  • Students pursuing a dual specialization within the College of Public Health must complete all degree requirements for each specialization.  This includes foundation courses, required specialization courses, and elective courses.
  • Typically, students complete one APE and one ILE project that meet the requirements for each specialization. 
  • For some combinations of specializations, there will be a lot of overlap in the required specialization courses and for others there will not be a lot of overlap.
  • Therefore, in an attempt to set requirements such that the dual specialization is seen to represent substantial additional effort, a minimum of 18 additional credit hours will be required for the second specialization.