Julianna Nemeth awarded President’s Research Excellence Accelerator grant

Research focuses on chronic brain injury and domestic violence.

Julianna Nemeth

Assistant Professor Julianna Nemeth.

A research team including CPH Assistant Professor Julianna Nemeth was awarded an accelerator grant through the President’s Research Excellence (PRE) program for a project focused on chronic brain injury and domestic violence. 

Nemeth is a co-investigator on the project, which brings together collaborators from the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Medicine and the Ohio Domestic Violence Network. 

Head trauma from domestic violence is an understudied problem, despite the known link between traumatic brain injury and dementia. This study will use neuroimaging to compare the brain health of women with traumatic head injuries to the brain health of those without head injuries.

Jasmeet Hayes from the College of Arts and Sciences is the lead investigator on the project. Eight teams of Ohio State researchers received funding.