Update to summer fee authorization for graduate associates

The Graduate School has revised the number of credit hours required for students to be eligible for the summer term fee authorization benefit. This applies to students who served as a graduate associate for both autumn and spring semesters but are not appointed during the summer.

Previously, master’s and pre-candidacy students were required to enroll in four credit hours and three credit hours for post-candidacy students, in order to be eligible for this unique summer tuition benefit. Beginning this summer, the Graduate School has reduced this minimum to 0.5 credit hours, which virtually eliminates the credit hour requirement. This reduction in credit hours will allow more students (including post-candidacy students) to take advantage of this summer-only benefit without having the onus of enrolling in superfluous credit hours in order to meet an enrollment requirement. Please be aware that students currently hired as a GA during the summer, completing a graduate examination, and/or graduating during the summer term will still need to meet the enrollment requirements (four for pre-candidacy and master’s students and three for post-candidacy).