MHA Scholarships and Financial Aid

Graduate school can be a significant investment for your future. We understand how important this investment is and as a program, we like to invest in you by providing a variety of financial opportunities. These opportunities include:


The William O. Cleverley Scholarship Program

The William O. Cleverley Scholarship  attracts the best and brightest students to Ohio State, who will graduate ready to improve healthcare through effective organization, financing and delivery.   The goal of this scholarship is to support deserving students of today who will be the practitioners, managers, and leaders of tomorrow Named after Ohio State emeritus professor and healthcare leader William O. Cleverley and created by the Health Services Management & Policy (HSMP) Alumni Society, this scholarship is typically awarded to one student per year with exceptional qualifications and potential.  

Division Scholarship

Through the generous support of our Health Services Management and Policy (HSMP) Alumni Society, the program has a limited number of small one-year scholarships – typically ranging from $500 to $5,000—that are offered to our highest potential applicants. 

Student Job Opportunities

Many MHA students obtain part-time jobs in the health administration field benefiting financially and in terms of professional development. The Division of Health Services Management and Policy can assist students in locating these positions. For additional financial aid information, please visit Ohio State’s Student Financial Aid website.

Graduate Associate (GA) Opportunities

Each year, some of our students receive financial support through graduate associate positions such as a graduate administrative associate (GAA), graduate research associate (GRA), and a graduate teaching associate (GTA).  These positions provide  full tuition benefits and partial fee coverage. Students receiving a GA award are required to work 20 hours a week and are paid a monthly stipend. It is expected that GA opportunities will supplement the academic curriculum with practical experience while not interfering with your progress toward completion of your graduate degree.  When possible, the program works to connect you with GA opportunities, although you can often find these positions independently as they are not coordinated through any centralized resource.