Sexual and Reproductive Health Knowledge - USA

In August 2012, we administered an online questionnaire to more than 550 reproductive age residents of the United States. Participants were randomly selected from SurveyMonkey Audience, a paid service of SurveyMonkey. We assessed knowledge by asking questions about prevalence, relative safety, and consequences of abortion, contraception, pregnancy and birth.


Kavanaugh M, Bessett D, Littman L, Norris A. Connecting knowledge about abortion and sexual and reproductive health to belief about abortion restrictions: findings from an online survey. Women’s Health Issues. Volume 23, Number 4, 2013.

Bessett D, Gerdts C, Littman L, Kavanaugh M, Norris A. Does State-Level Context Matter for Individual’s Knowledge about Abortion, Legality, and Health? Challenging the “Red States v. Blue States” Hypothesis. Culture, Health and Sexuality. Volume 17, Issue 6. 2015.


  • Megan L. Kavanaugh, DrPH, Guttmacher Institute
  • Danielle Bessett, PhD, University of Cincinnati
  • Lisa L. Littman, MD, MPH, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai