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A note from Dean Fairchild

The launch of the new online Ohio State College of Public Health Magazine comes as we begin a university-wide and college-wide renewal. The last academic year — what a year it was — has come to its close. We’re preparing for new faces and new courses come fall…Read more.

Amy Fairchild

'Boots on the ground'

When the pandemic first unfolded in the U.S. early last year, students, faculty, staff and alumni of The Ohio State University College of Public Health quickly became critical to both Ohio’s and the university’s COVID-19 response. Read about the vital role the college has played during COVID-19.

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CPH by the numbers

When was the College of Public Health founded? How many students does it serve? How many faculty and staff does it employ? The college has prospered during its short lifespan, with more growth on the horizon. Get a snapshot of CPH in 2021.

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Alumni in action

From her career in the U.S. Department of Justice to her personal life, alumna Naomi Adaniya ’10 ’13 ’16 emanates compassion and a duty to uphold fairness and equity in the communities she serves.Read about the journeys of CPH alumni.

Naomi Adaniya

Public health’s promise

Pursuing public health has changed the lives of each and every one of our students, whose passions continue to lead them in new directions — including creating an award-winning documentary about Black infant mortality inequities.Read about Barento Taha’s film project and about the work and lives of other CPH students.

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COVID-19 changed the landscape for college students everywhere, and Ohio State public health students discovered unique ways of overcoming the pandemic’s challenges while still gaining applied learning experiences and providing for their communities.Read about teaching and learning at the college.

Austin Knorz

Public health passion

Untangling the intricacies of systemic racism has long been a central component of public health research and advocacy at Ohio State, where faculty and staff are engaged in understanding and alleviating racism’s broad and devastating impact on Americans of color.Read advocacy, outreach and community partnership news.

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Growing our potential

The last academic year saw the launch of a trio of scholarships that align with the college's effort to support diversity and equitable access to educational opportunity: the Ruth Ella Moore, Dr. Amy Acton Future Leaders of Public Health, and the Multicultural Public Health Hood scholarships.Read how the college and its supporters are investing in the future.

Amy Acton


Researchers in the College of Public Health are showing how vaping leads to cigarette use in young people, identifying obstacles to prevention for women at high risk of breast cancer and using the COVID experience to think about how to identify the next pandemic in our wastewater.Read recent research news stories from the college.

Ashley Felix, Todd Thobe, Liz Klein, Darryl Hood

Honors and accolades

Locally and nationally, organizations are taking note of the excellence of our faculty, staff and community partners — from a Fulbright award to top Ohio State honors to recognition for alumni leading work to slow the pandemic and to dismantle inequities.Learn about recent awards and recognition.