Tobacco Funding Policy

The Ohio State University College of Public Health will not accept funds directly from the tobacco industry. Further, any auxiliary, joint or adjunct faculty member that accepts such funding will immediately forfeit their faculty appointment in the College of Public Health.

For the purpose of this policy the tobacco industry is defined as companies or corporate divisions that directly produce or purchase tobacco for production or market tobacco products along with their research and lobbying groups

For the purpose of this policy tobacco industry funding includes:

  • Funds from a company that is engaged in or has affiliates engaged in the manufacture of tobacco produced for human use;
  • Funds in the name of a tobacco brand whether or not the brand name is used solely for tobacco goods;
  • Funds from a body set up by the tobacco industry or by one or more companies engaged in the manufacture of tobacco goods.

The following do not constitute tobacco industry funding for the purposes of this policy:

  • Legacies from tobacco industry investments (unless the names of a tobacco company or cigarette brand are associated with them).
  • Funding from a trust or foundation established with assets related to the tobacco industry but no longer having any connection with the tobacco industry even though it may bear a name that (for historical reasons) is associated with the tobacco industry.
  • Funding from an affiliate company, involved in the manufacture of products having nothing whatsoever to do with tobacco, supporting research that is completely unrelated to tobacco or smoking.

(The above is adapted from a draft resolution of the American Cancer Society.)