Applied Practice Experience Requirements

Students should begin planning for the applied practice experience the first semester in the master of public health program. Prior to enrollment, students should review the experience requirements, identify career goals and know the available resources to find an  applied practice experience.

Planning your experience

  1. Complete an applied practice experience preferred profile questionnaire
  2. Review the student experience page to review what other students have done for their APE.
  3. Review the Applied Practice Experience orientation video
  4. Explore opportunities through Handshake, career fairs, the college's weekly e-newsletter, the APE opportunities page and your faculty advisor.
  5. Identify a site or agency contact to serve as a site supervisor
  6. Work with a faculty advisor and site supervisor to develop goals, competencies and proposed deliverables

How to enroll in the applied practice experience

Most students enroll in the applied practice experience for the summer term of their first year. Twenty credit hours must be completed in the master’s program prior to enrollment. Students in the Program for Experience Professionals must have at least 15 hours of course work completed. After finding an experience, meet with a faculty advisor for input and approval prior to completing a learning agreement. After the agreement is approved, the applied practice experience course (PUBHLTH 7189) will be added to the students schedule.  The student will also be enrolled in a CARMEN COURSE within 24-48 hours.

Note: The CARMEN course associated with your enrollment in  PUBHLTH 7189 will not be published.  Students will be added to the CARMEN course with the following title
"CPH (Applied Practice Experience) AU 22 .

Online Learning Agreement

MPH/MSW Learning Agreement


Autumn 2022 Term deadlines

Note: Students who will not complete the applied practice experience by the deadline should notify their faculty advisor, preceptor and the coordinator. Students will receive an incomplete and will have until the following semester to finish the requirements.

Experience Setting

An experience may involve governmental, non-governmental, non-profit, industrial and for-profit settings or appropriate university-affiliated settings with community partners. The college offers resources and assistance for students to find experiences that are beneficial to you and the site with whom you will work.

Current opportunities

Find other opportunities

Applied Practice Experience End-of-Semester Deliverables 

During the Applied Practice experience, students demonstrate attainment of at least five program competencies, and three must be foundational competencies. At the conclusion of the experience, each student will submit the following deliverables:

  1. Final report
  2. Two work products
  3. Student Evaluation
  4. Preceptor Evaluation
  5. Faculty advisor evaluation