Applied Practice Experience Demonstration/Work-Products and Final Report

The purpose of the demonstration/work product is to have a written or visual illustration of the attainment of five competencies with three being foundational and two being concentration competencies. Note: All competencies must be demonstrated through a combination of up to two work products.

  • Students must link the duties and projects to five competencies with three of them being Foundational Competencies and two within their specialization/concentration.
  • Submission of applied practice experience evaluations including student, preceptor, and faculty advisor.
  • Submission of two work/demonstration products that are useful to the APE site.

Final Report Requirements

All students are required to complete a final written report, which are separate from the two required work products, that will focus on sharing information on the applied practice experience experience. The final report should summarize the student’s applied practice experience with details of specific experiences and how the applied practice experience is important to the field of public health.

The student should discuss the expectations of their report carefully with their advisor. The report length should be sufficient to cover the expected content carefully. The best recent reports have usually been three to five pages in length.

Use the following guidelines to develop the final report:

Title page

  • Include project title, preceptor, year and student name


  • Describe the nature of the applied practice experience (e.g., whether it is a descriptive project, experimental project, research project, or survey).
  • Very briefly, describe the organization unit where the APE took place, its primary mission, and its relationship to the overall organizational structure of the agency. Describe services provided, programs and public health objectives, and specific population groups targeted.
  • Describe the duties specifically related to the APE in the context of the entire organization.
  • State the total hours you completed at your APE Site (minimum hours 120)

Project goals/Objectives/Competencies

  • State the purpose of the APE (e.g., proving a hypothesis, analyzing a problem, completing an evaluation, etc.). What was the significance of the issue worked on? Why did this need to be addressed?
  • Include a table in your report listing the five Competencies (at least 3 Foundational) addressed during the APE and the activity performed that allowed you to address the competency. See the example below
  • Outline the problem and the methods used to define and address the problem.


Example Table: Matching Competencies with APE Activities
MPH Competency APE Activity Description
Foundational competency #18 Select communication strategies for different audiences and sectors Developed a brochure tailored to low literacy community members on the topic of diabetes prevention
CTS specialization competency #2 Collaboratively prepare a grant application to seek funding for a clinical investigation Assisted Dr. Binkley in preparing the NIH grant application for the clinical investigation study

Review MPH competencies


  • Describe the outcome(s) or product(s) of the APE
  • What were the most important or surprising findings?
  • How does this work impact the future of this public health issue?
  • Summarize recommendations

Evaluation and Reflection

  • Provide a careful evaluation of the APE.
  • Was it a valuable learning experience? Why or why not?
  • How did it compare with your expectations?
  • What types of classroom skills were you able to employ in the field?
  • What did the experience teach you about the world of public health practice?

Description of Work/Demonstration products

  • Describe the two-work products you created or assisted with the creation of.
  • Describe your role in the creation of the demonstration product(s).
  • List the competencies demonstrated by your chosen product(s).

Appendix (Optional)

  • Other relevant materials may be included as an appendix

Students should submit all items to Carmen/Canvas.